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This chapter is from the book

This chapter is from the book

Be your band’s groupie

Whether it’s your band or your friend’s band—you have the perfect device for taking pictures, recording, downloading MP3s, and scheduling gigs. Update and keep the band’s MySpace pages active and graphic. And if you’re a musician, don’t forget to keep your lyrics at arms’ reach on your Centro smartphone—it’s a perfect place to review them before going on stage.


Need the lyrics for a gig, or to understand what they are singing? Browse to Submit new lyrics from your band or your favorite song. Try playing the song on pTunes and reading the lyrics here at the same time.

For musicians only

This old Palm app still works and it’s a marvel of programming: Chocopoolp is a portable sequencer and sampler. Go to and download a trial. Be sure to read the manual because it can do some amazing things.

Band management

  • When taking photos in dark places, especially stages, point your camera at the set for just a moment to adequately gauge the light setting. Watch the screen to see if it’s good enough for a pic or video.
  • Have PDF or DOC files stored on your device about your band and its rates and availability, ready to email to prospective clients you might meet at a gig.

Guitar chords

Need guitar chords? Try It will sense your mobile phone and optimize pages, however the actual chord pages are better when viewed in Wide Page format (Menu + W).

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