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This chapter is from the book

This chapter is from the book

Find something fast

It happens all the time. On a casual date a name comes up and you can’t remember how you know them. Wanting to impress as much as extend the moment, next time use the Find option on your Centro smartphone.

Other Find tips

  • The Find utility (Option + Shift) searches for words that begin with your search term, not ones that contain those search terms. So “ire” will find “Ireland” but not “Fire department.”
  • Capitalization is ignored in searches.
  • When you use Find within an application, it searches that application first. Note that Calendar is the first app listed.
  • The more information you have, the longer the results may be. You may have to select Find More several times at the bottom of the screen in step 2 to see all the results.
  • Private entries, whether masked or hidden, do not appear in search results.
  • You can’t search data on an expansion card.
  • Search for phone numbers or area codes to find a contact whose name you can’t remember but whose area code you know.
  • Keep your best email in a separate folder (page 84) and use Find to locate certain ones by their content.
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