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This chapter is from the book

This chapter is from the book

Find a movie, reserve a ticket

In this scenario you’re out on a date and you want it to continue, so you suggest a movie. Well, if you have an account at Fandango (why wouldn’t you?) you can find a movie and order two tickets with your smartphone.

How it works

  • Find and buy your movie tickets using the steps to the right.
  • Arrive at the theater and tell them you ordered from Fandango and be prepared to show them the credit card on your Fandango account. They’ll use it to verify which tickets are yours.
  • There’s a surcharge for each ticket you order via Fandango mobile.

Mobile reviews help

Check out the mobile reviews to help you pick a movie, especially if you’re looking for something specific to enhance the dating experience, like steamy instead of action.

Other movie options

  • Your Palm Mobile Portal has movie links:
  • Text “movie + zip code” to 466453 (Google).
  • This works really well when traveling: copy and paste the theater address into Google Maps (page 104).
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