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This chapter is from the book

This chapter is from the book

Create and beam a discreet profile

Send your contact info to people who have Centro or Treo smartphones and other Palm devices that accept IR beams. (An IR beam is an infrared wave that transmits data.) This may be old school but it works.

Be a little cautious

Never give all your info out at first. Create a contact for yourself (go ahead, give yourself a nickname!) using a generic email that you can cancel if necessary, such as Gmail. And don’t give your home address or phone number unless you really know someone.

Beaming basics

  • Make sure beaming is turned on: select Applications> Prefs> Power> Beam Receive> On. (Conversely, leave beaming off if you don’t use it because it drains the battery a little.)
  • Put the two devices about a foot apart. Your device’s beaming port is on the side of the device opposite the Volume button. Point it directly at the beaming port of the other device.
  • You can beam photos, apps, calendar dates, contacts, and documents. See page 23 for more info.
  • If you have a picture in your contact record, it will beam along with the info.
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