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This chapter is from the book

This chapter is from the book

Strike up a conversation

Your Centro smartphone can generate pick up opportunities better than any canned line can. Don’t fool yourself, there’s no magic line that works all the time. You can only create opportunities for each other to begin a conversation that evolves into a relationship. Here’s how that device in your hand can help.

For males

  • At the end of an encouraging meeting ask not for a phone number but for her email. It tends to be a safer thing for her to give away if you say you’d like to stay in touch.
  • Have a slideshow ready to show off a few pictures, some unique hobby or sports thing you do. Be prepared to talk about each slide in detail. Be sure to have pics that show you and your friends having fun and laughing.
  • Using the same point as directly above, have wallpaper turned on in your Phone app, and have something interesting on the wallpaper, like your favorite beach, or something that can be a conversation starter.
  • If she also has a Centro or Treo smartphone, take a photo of something at the scene and then offer to beam it to her. Take the opportunity to look into her eyes while the file is transferring.

For females

  • Try any of the colorful cases shown on page 110. You’ll like the color and the feel of the device, and it gives guys the opportunity to say something when it’s in your hand. “What a cool cover! Where did you get it?” It allows them to be both fashion-minded and techie.
  • Play a game, preferably an action game. If you’re looking for someone collegiate, try a word game. When he appears, say, “What’s a four-letter word for ...”
  • The perfect ice breaker for those strong silent types is to have your device in hand and say, “Do you know the URL for ESPN mobile?”
  • In the middle of a budding conversation, excuse yourself with “I’ll be right back” and walk across the room and place a quick call to someone about nothing in particular. Then come back and say, “There, I got another hour,” and see what he does with the time.
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