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This chapter is from the book

This chapter is from the book

Night lights

As you leave the last remnants of the party, exit the restaurant or movie theater, or walk out of your friend’s apartment, it will more than likely still be dark. Let your smartphone lead the way home.

Light up the night

It’s no great secret that your smartphone makes a really excellent flashlight for:

  • Finding the right key or the actual keyhole.
  • Making your way down a flight of steps, whether outside in a dark garden or down the apartment’s unlit stairwell.
  • Leaving a dark apartment without disturbing anyone.

Night goggles

Open Applications> Prefs> Personal> Color Theme to change the color theme of your Centro smartphone screen. If you’re on a long road trip at night, select the Indigo color theme (shown below) to aid your night vision.

  • Your smartphone makes a great booklight for reading. Tap the screen to keep it lit while reading in bed.
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