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This chapter is from the book

This chapter is from the book

Clear the decks for weekend fun

You’re going to use your smartphone tonight. You’re going to take photos, videos, play music, talk, text, update your MySpace page, email, and find your way with Google Maps. Before you leave for the night, keep your device clutter-free and powered up.

Extending battery life

  • Carry an extra battery in the Palm Centro Battery Charger that turns itself into a case.
  • Let your device fully charge for about an hour before you leave tonight.
  • If you’re driving, bring along your car charger accessory and use it.
  • Turn off beaming in Prefs> Power.
  • If you’re not going to use Bluetooth features, turn it off.
  • Turn the screen brightness down by pressing Option + P.

Check memory

Check the available memory on your device. Press Applications> Menu> Delete and the screen will show available memory. Delete an old app if necessary and reinstall tomorrow. You can move apps to a card by selecting Menu> Move. Move pics and video to a card from inside the Camera app. See page 19.

Make room for tonight

  • To really clean up your email, purge your Outbox too, using the steps above.
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