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Color Balance

The Color Balance command is a simple but useful adjustment with which you can change the overall mixture of colors in a particular tonal range. This feature can be useful for generalized color correction. For example, if shadows look too green, you can subtract green and add some red to balance the image. Color Balance allows you to constrain an adjustment to the shadows, midtones, or highlights as specified in the dialog box.

  1. Close any open files, and then open the file Ch10_Color_Balance.tif from the Chapter 10 folder (see Figure 38).
  2. Add a Color Balance adjustment layer (see Figure 39).
  3. Work on the midtones by clicking Midtones in the Tone Balance section. Leave the Preserve Luminosity checkbox selected to avoid changes in exposure.
  4. Add some red into the midtones by dragging the slider toward red (see Figure 40). This action places more red into the skin tones.
  5. Switch to the Highlights in the Tone Balance section. Add some green and blue to the image to balance out the color of the tent (see Figure 41).
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