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MMS Support—Kind Of

The iPhone still doesn’t support MMS (multimedia messaging), so there is no way to send a photo, for example, directly to another cell phone without using email. Although Apple may add this feature in a future update, there is currently no way to send an MMS message on the iPhone. However, if you receive an MMS message, AT&T has stepped in with a solution (check with your carrier if you don’t have AT&T). AT&T has a website set up at When you receive an MMS message on your iPhone, you’ll get a text message stating that you have received a multimedia message, and it will also give you the site with a special login and password just for that message. You can then tap the link in the text message and view the message directly in Safari on the iPhone. Note: See page 259 in Chapter 9 for a workaround tip on how to send an MMS message.

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