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This chapter is from the book

This chapter is from the book

Adding Menu Items

All menu items are added to, or contained in, modules. Although menu items are essentially links telling Joomla what to present on the page, like any standard link used in web sites, they literally define how that content is to be presented. What this means is menu items are more than just links contained in a module—you need to have a clear idea of how you want the content presented when creating a menu link. So if menu modules control the placement (position) and look of the menu container on the site, and the menu items control the presentation and layout of the content being called, how do you know what layout to use? This section covers each of the layouts provided by Joomla. As with any other function, menu items contain details and parameters that help modify presentation.

To access the Menu Item Manager:

  • Choose Menus > Recipes Menu to open the Menu Item Manager (Figure 4.26).
    Figure 4.26%

    Figure 4.26 Selecting the Recipes menu

    Each menu module contains its own Menu Item Manager. From here you create all the menu items that will be contained in this menu module (Figure 4.27).

    Figure 4.27%

    Figure 4.27 The Menu Item Manager

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