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Loops Within Loops

Loops within loops, also known as nested loops, occur frequently in programming, so it is helpful to see a few examples. For instance, here’s a program that prints out the times tables up to 10:

for row in range(1, 10):
    for col in range(1, 10):
        prod = row * col
        if prod < 10:
            print(' ', end = '')
        print(row * col, ' ', end = '')

Look carefully at the indentation of the code in this program: It’s how you tell what statements belong to what blocks. The final print() statement lines up with the second for, meaning it is part of the outer for-loop (but not the inner).

Note that the statement if prod < 10 is used to make the output look neatly formatted. Without it, the numbers won’t line up nicely.

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