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This chapter is from the book

This chapter is from the book

Spotlight Window

So far in this chapter, we’ve looked at the Spotlight menu, which is great when you want to search your entire drive and get back lots of results. But there’s another search option in Leopard, Spotlight window, for those times you want to focus your searches on certain kinds of files, date ranges, etc. Using the Spotlight menu is like sending a man to Home Depot to buy one bag of wimpy screws to hang a picture. He’ll wander up and down every aisle in the store looking at all the new power tools, nail guns, and pressure washers—you know, manly stuff. Two hours and three hundred dollars later, he comes back home with a fifty-cent bag of screws, along with a few extra things. Using the Spotlight window, in contrast, is like emptying all the money and credit cards from your husband’s pockets (leaving $0.54 to cover the screws and tax, of course) before he heads out to buy the screws. To use the Spotlight window, press Command-Option-Spacebar. When the window opens, you’ll see that every file on your drive is listed. All you have to do now is scroll down the list until you see the one you want—just kidding. The power of the Spotlight window is the ability to filter your search results by using the criteria and location bars. The next few tips will show you some nifty stuff you can do with the Spotlight window.

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