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This chapter is from the book

This chapter is from the book

Refine Your Searches in Spotlight Window

When you’re putting in your contacts in the morning and drop one, you don’t search the whole house to find it—you’re reasonably certain it’s in the immediate area. When you’re searching your Mac, most of the time you have some idea of what you’re looking for and where it is. You know it’s a photo, for instance, or a file that you created last December. If you refine a search using the information you already know, you’ll end up with a shorter list of results to look through. One of the ironies of searching is that, in many instances, the best search is the one that gives the fewest results. I’m searching because I want to be able to go right to the file I need, not so I can have the fun of sifting through 1,218 results to locate it. Here’s how you start narrowing your searches: Open a Spotlight window (press Command-Option-Spacebar) and click the plus sign (+) button at the far-right end of the search bar, right next to the Save button. A second bar will open with some buttons you can use to add various types of filters. Each time you click the plus sign button and define another search filter, you’ll see the list of results get smaller until (hopefully) you’ll see the file you’re looking for.

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