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This chapter is from the book

This chapter is from the book

Power Searching Is, Uhhhh, Powerful

This tip takes you into territory rarely visited by normal humans. If you do this, you must never let anyone know or they will fear you. Imagine you have music files in all different formats scattered all over your drive which you want to consolidate. Easy. Press Command-Spacebar and type “kind:music” (without the quotes) into the Spotlight search box and you will instantly see a list of every music file on your Mac. Wow! Try this one: type “kind:mail” (again, no quotes) into the search box and be amazed at the number of emails you have stashed away (you’ll need to click Show All to see the whole list). The magic behind power searching is the ability to pair an operator (kind) with a keyword (music). Tiger (the previous version of Mac OS X) had a few operators available, but Leopard has...well, no one knows for sure how many operators are available for searches in Leopard.

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