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This chapter is from the book

This chapter is from the book

Sometimes It’s What’s Inside That Counts

Not only does Spotlight search filenames, it can also search the content of files. Last year I was in Denver for a Photoshop seminar, and our team stayed at the absolute coolest hotel any of us had ever stayed in (with the possible exception of the Jefferson in Richmond, VA). Six months later, we were scheduled to go back to Denver and naturally wanted to stay at the same hotel. The problem was, we couldn’t remember the name. But I knew I had received an email with the itinerary for the earlier trip that would have included the hotel information, and assumed I would recognize the name when I saw it. I simply pressed Command-Option-Spacebar and typed “denver” into the Search For field. Since Spotlight displays the subject lines of emails in the search results window, all I had to do was glance down the list until—bada boom, bada bing!—there it was. The Curtis—that’s the one, baby.

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