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This chapter is from the book

This chapter is from the book

Spotlight Menu Versus Spotlight Window

Since the Spotlight menu is so convenient (it’s right there in the menu bar, no matter which program you’re using) and you can just press Command-Spacebar to activate it, why not always use it instead of the Spotlight window? Well, the Spotlight window has some big advantages. First, you see all your results for a search. The Spotlight menu only shows the first 20. Second, the Spotlight window gives you the option to view the results in List, Icon, or Cover Flow view, which means you can use Quick Look to preview the results. Third, you can drag files to new locations or delete them directly from the search results window in the Spotlight window. Finally, your ability to refine searches using additional search criteria and the ability to save searches make the Spotlight window much more powerful than the Spotlight menu. The bottom line is Spotlight is awesome, whether you use the Spotlight menu (Command-Spacebar) or the Spotlight window (Command-Option-Spacebar). But for serious searching, the Spotlight window gets the nod.

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