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Communicating with an audience requires a lot of thought. The message needs to reach the audience in their own space, without any extra search. In addition, the message must be tailored to match both the audience's interaction and communication styles.

An overly experiential message may overwhelm select audiences, while other audiences may fall in love with it. Choosing the proper mode of communication and approach towards a project will allow the communication to transmit properly.

Always aim for a memorable experience—something that provides an element of surprise to intrigue users in each channel. If the payoff for each climactic state is high, users are more likely to continue their journey into the next space. If the experience falls short, then users may simply stop. If the goal of the project is to bring users to the mobile space from print, broadcast, web, or radio channels, those channels need to have a strong enough impact to effectively navigate those users along the path that includes each mode of communication.

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