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Aligning Graphic Elements

You can also align elements to one another in a layout panel.

To align objects:

  1. Create two or more objects on the Artboard.
  2. Using the Selection tool, drag one of the objects. As you drag the object closer to other objects, a red dotted line will appear (Figure 4.27). The dotted line indicates that the objects are aligning.

    Figure 4.27

    Figure 4.27 A red dotted line appears when objects are aligned.


    Select two or more objects on the Artboard. From the application menu, choose Objects > Align, and then choose how you want to align the objects. You can also open this menu by right-clicking the selected objects on the Artboard (Figure 4.28).

    Figure 4.28

    Figure 4.28 The context menu for a group of selected objects.

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