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Beyond the Dashboard

The top of every WordPress admin page features a few links of interest. The first link, on the far-left side, is labeled Dashboard (Figure 4.11). This link takes you back to the Dashboard no matter where you find yourself in the WordPress interface.

Figure 4.11

Figure 4.11 The Dashboard link on a WordPress admin page.

The right side of the page contains a mix of links to internal and external resources:

  • User name. The first link is your user name, which takes you to your profile page (see Chapter 3).
  • Log Out. The Log Out link logs you out of the WordPress administrative interface.
  • Help. This link, like Forum (see the next bullet point), takes you to an external Web site that contains information about WordPress. Help points to the WordPress Codex (, which contains more information about WordPress than you’ll ever want to read.
  • Forum. The Forum link takes you to the WordPress Forums page (, where you can post questions, read other people’s experiences with WordPress, and find out some tips and tricks.
  • Turbo. The final link, Turbo, is the most interesting. Click it to launch a pop-up window (Figure 4.12) that describes WordPress support for the Gears feature. Turbo makes your WordPress Dashboard faster by using Gears to store some of the Dashboard files locally, on your own computer. Your browser doesn’t need to retrieve the files from the remote server, which saves some time.
Figure 4.12

Figure 4.12 Enabling Turbo for your WordPress installation.

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