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Making Sure All Your Songs Are Rated

By now you can see how important it is to rate your songs (especially if you want to make Smart Playlists, and believe me—you want to make Smart Playlists). But you know (and I know) there are songs you haven’t rated yet. Well, here’s a quick way to find all your unrated songs and gather them in one place so you can rate them. Press-and-hold the Option (PC: Alt) key and click on the Create a Playlist button in the bottom-left corner of the iTunes window to bring up the Smart Playlist dialog. From the first pop-up menu choose Rating; from the second menu choose Is Less Than; in the stars field click on the first dot to assign the ranking of one star; and then make sure the Limit To checkbox is turned off, so it will get all your unrated songs. Click OK, and iTunes will instantly assemble a playlist of nothing but your unranked songs. Start playing a song from that list, and as soon as you rank the song—boom—it jumps off the Smart Playlist. When you’re done, connect your iPod, and iTunes will add your new rankings there as well. See, that wasn’t as hard as you thought it would be.

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