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Solving paper size problems

Working across three different printer software dialogs can sometimes be confusing, so keep your process simple from the start.

Starting point

Sometimes, when you prepare an image for printing, it appears cropped or tiny in the Print preview window. The example shown left is an image measuring 3000×2000 pixels and is big enough to make a 15″×10″ print.

Paper size is too small

In the example shown above, only the center part of the image appears in the Print preview. This was caused by a too small paper size, in this case 6″×4″. To solve this problem, go back to Page Setup and pick Letter or bigger.

Paper size is too big

The opposite problem occurs when your image looks as small as a postage stamp in the Print preview. The example shown above was caused by a 34″×17″ paper size, which is too large for this image file. Solve the problem by returning to the Page Setup dialog and choosing a smaller size.

Printing with a border

Many inkjet printers can’t make edge-to-edge prints without borders, so it’s wise to leave a little white space around the outside. For those inkjets that can make borderless prints, you must choose a special paper size setting in the Print Setup dialog first.

Uneven borders

If your image appears in the Print preview window with uneven borders, as shown left, it’s been scaled up automatically using the Scale to Fit Media button. This command squeezes the image until it fits your chosen paper size, but it doesn’t look especially great.

Page Setup settings

If you choose to use the Orientation and Scale commands in the Page Setup dialog rather than the Print dialog, it can get confusing! The best option is to leave the Page Setup controls at their defaults, Portrait for Orientation and 100% for Scale, then make all adjustments in Elements’ Print dialog.

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