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Moving a Client to a Different SAN

At times, you may need to move a client from one SAN to another for security or client-management reasons. You can move a client from one Xsan SAN to another SAN located on the same Ethernet subnet and Fibre Channel network. To move a client computer to a different SAN, follow these steps:

  1. In Xsan Admin, in the SAN Assets list, choose Computers.
  2. Select the computer in the list and, from the Action (gear) pop-up menu, choose “Remove computer from SAN.”
  3. In Xsan Admin, open the window for the destination SAN.
  4. In the new SAN window, in the SAN Assets list, choose Computers, and click the Add (+) button.
  5. Verify that the checkbox is selected next to the computer in the list, and click Continue.
  6. In the Authenticate Clients pane, enter the administrator name and password for the client, and click Continue.
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