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“Where is that XPress feature I always use?”

InDesign offers more features than QuarkXPress, but that doesn’t mean that it matches every feature XPress has. For example, there’s no way to apply a custom halftone screen to an imported image, create a font-wide kerning table, specify hexachrome colors, or export HTML Web pages.

However, in some cases, InDesign does have the same or similar feature, but it’s been renamed or the user interface is different. If you can’t find a “Collect for Output” feature, try File>Package. Need to set the runaround for an object? Use the Text Wrap palette. Want to turn on Suppress Printout for something? Use the Attributes palette. Looking for a way to draw a starburst? Choose one of the two Polygon tools, then double-click on the tool’s icon to set its preferences (including Inset, which turns a polygon into a starburst).

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