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“Why do I always get the wrong font and size when I start typing?”

Sometimes you’ll draw out a text frame with the Type tool and start typing and the font will be completely different than you expect. In XPress, the default text formatting for any text box is based on the Normal font. InDesign, however, has a more complicated (but potentially more powerful) way to handle defaults: Any text formatting you choose while no text frames are selected—font size, leading, color, and so on—becomes the default formatting for that document. If no documents are open, then those attributes become the defaults for all new documents you create.

By the way, this behavior applies to the shape tools, too (the ones that create contentless rectangles, ovals, and polygons). If you pick a fill or stroke color or stroke weight when these tools are selected but no object on the page is, those attributes become the defaults for those tools in this document.

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