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Working with Margin Guides

The margin and column guides on each document page reflect those on the master page. However, you can override the margin and column guides on individual document pages.

By default, the margin guides are pink (magenta) and the column guides are violet. That’s why in a normal, one-column document the top and bottom margins appear pink and the left and right margins appear purple—because the column guides are overlapping the margin guides. If you wish, you can change the guide colors in the Guides panel of the Preferences dialog box.

Hiding Guides

To turn off the display of guides, choose Hide Guides from the View menu (or press Command-;/Ctrl-;). Hiding a layer also hides all guides on that layer. You can also turn on the Preview mode in the Tools palette (or press W when not editing text) to hide all non-printing objects, including guides.

Editing Margin & Column Guides

Before you edit your margin or column guides, select the pages or pages you wish to modify in the Pages palette. Next, choose Margin and Columns from the Layout menu and enter the desired values in the Margins and Columns dialog box (see Figure 17-3). We like to turn on the Preview checkbox so we can see the effect before clicking OK. Whether or not the objects on your page change (like text frames resizing to the new margins) after you click OK depends on the Layout Adjustment option (see the next page).

As with other attributes, changing the values in the Margins and Columns dialog box while no documents are open establishes a new, default set of values for all future documents you create.

Editing columns with the Margin and Columns dialog box always results in equally-sized columns. If you need unequal columns—like a larger column on the left—you can drag the column guides on the page to the location where you want them.

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