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Baseline Grid

The baseline grid is used to align the baseline of text across multiple columns on a page or spread. Alignment is a paragraph attribute, and you can force text to align to the baseline grid in by clicking the Lock to Baseline Grid button in the Paragraph or Control palette.

The starting point of the baseline grid, how frequently it is repeated and at what view percentage it become visible or hidden are defined by settings in the Grids panel of the Preferences dialog box.

You can make the baseline grid visible or invisible by selecting Show/Hide Baseline Grid from the View menu (or press Command-Option-’/Ctrl-Alt-’). The Show/Hide Baseline Grid command is also available in the context-sensitive menu when clicking an empty area of the document.

Here’s a hidden trick: InDesign lets you lock the first line of a paragraph to the baseline grid, leaving alone the rest of the paragraph’s spacing. To do this, first turn on the Lock to Baseline Grid feature for the paragraph. Then choose Only Align First Line to Grid from the flyout menu in the Control or the Paragraph palette.

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