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Overprinting Colors

Overprinting is a technique that allows you to set the color of one object to mix with any colors underneath. For instance, without overprinting, a yellow object placed over a blue background knocks out the blue and prints as yellow. But with overprinting turned on, the yellow object mixes with the blue background to create green.

To set a fill or stroke to overprint:
  1. Select the object.
  2. If the Attributes panel is not visible, choose Window > Attributes to open the panel square47.gif.


    If the Attributes panel is behind other panels, click the Attributes panel tab.

  3. Check Overprint Fill to set the object’s fill color to overprint.
  4. Check Overprint Stroke to set the object’s stroke color to overprint.
  5. Check Overprint Gap to set the color of the gap applied to stroke effects to overprint.

In some desktop publishing programs, the only way to see the effects of setting an object to overprint is to wait until the object is separated and printed. InDesign lets you see a simulation of overprinting onscreen.

To turn on the overprint preview:
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