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Drawing Lines

Different types of anchor points create different line shapes. Straight lines are formed by creating plain corner points.

To create straight lines:
  1. Click the Pen tool in the Tools panel square2.gif.
  2. Position the cursor where the path should start. A small X appears next to the Pen, which indicates that you are starting the path square3.gif.
  3. Click. A plain corner point appears as a colored square. The Pen cursor is displayed without any symbol next to it square4.gif.
  4. Position the cursor for the next point and click. This creates another plain corner point with a straight line that connects the first point to the second.
  5. Continue clicking until you have created all the straight-line sides of the object square5.gif.
To close a path with a straight line:
  1. Move the Pen over the first point. A small circle appears next to the Pen square6.gif. This indicates that you can close the path.
  2. Click. This closes the path with a plain corner point and allows you to start a new path.
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