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Modifying Points

So what happens if you create the wrong point with the Pen tool? Are you stuck? Does it mean you have to redraw the entire path? Thankfully, no—there are many ways to change the paths made with the Pen tool, as well as paths made with other tools. (See Chapter 4, “Working with Objects,” for more information on working with the basic shapes.)

A simple way to change a path is to add a point. This helps you turn one shape into another.

To add points to a path:
  1. Select the path.
  2. Choose the Add Anchor Point tool in the Tools panel square20.gif.
  3. Click the path where you want to add the point.

You can delete points from a path without causing a break in the path.

To delete points from a path:
  1. Select the path.
  2. Choose the Delete Anchor Point tool in the Tools panel square22.gif.
  3. Click to delete the point of the path.

You may also want to create an open path by deleting a segment or the point between two segments.

To delete a segment in a path:
  1. Use the Direct Selection tool to select the segment that you want to delete.
  2. Press the Delete key or choose Edit > Clear. This deletes the segment and opens the path square24.gif.

You can also change the control handles around an anchor point. This changes the shape of the segments controlled by that anchor point.

To modify an anchor point:
  1. Select the path.
  2. Choose the Convert Direction Point tool in the Tools panel square26.gif.
  3. Use the tool as follows to change the anchor points:
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