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Setting the Library Display

If you have many items in a library, you may want to change how the items are displayed.

To change the library display:

You can also add information such as file type and keywords that makes it easy to search for library entries.

To modify the library item information:
  1. Select the item.
  2. Click the Library Item Information icon.


    Choose Item Information from the Library panel menu. This opens the Item Information dialog box square7.gif.

  3. Enter the name in the Item Name field.
  4. Use the Object Type list to choose one of following categories square8.gif:
    • Text contains text frames.
    • Image contains raster images.
    • Page is an entire page.
    • Structure contains xml elements.
    • EPS contains EPS files.
    • PDF contains PDF files.
    • InDesign contains InDesign files.
    • Geometry includes frames and rules that do not contain images or text.
  5. Enter a description for the item.
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