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Viewing photo thumbnails in the Organizer

In the Organizer, there are several ways to view the images in your catalog. You can switch between the various viewing modes to suit different stages in your workflow or to make it easier and more efficient to perform specific organizing tasks.

Using the Photo Browser views

Up to this point, you’ve been working in the default Photo Browser view, the Thumbnail View, where your images are arranged by capture date and time. You can reverse the display order by choosing either Date (Oldest First) or Date (Newest First) from the menu to the right of the Thumbnail Size slider just above the Photo Browser pane.

Let’s look at some of the other display options in the Organizer.

  1. Use the Thumbnail Size slider to reduce the size of the thumbnails so that you can see all the images in your Lesson2 catalog.
  2. Click the Display button (displaybutton.jpg) near the upper right corner of the Organizer window, and then choose Import Batch from the menu to see the thumbnails organized by their separate import sessions.

Notice the bar and film canister icons (film_canister_icon.jpg) separating each row of thumbnails.

  1. Try the following:
    • Click the separator bar above any of the import batches (reading “Imported from hard disk on ...”) to select all the images imported in that session.
    • Increase the thumbnail size by dragging the slider above the Photo Browser until only a few of the images in the catalog are visible in the Photo Browser.
    • Choose Window > Timeline if the timeline is not currently visible above the Photo Browser. The timeline shows three frames representing the three import sessions that account for all the images in this catalog. Click each of the three frames in turn to jump to the first image imported in the corresponding session.
  2. Using the Display menu that you used in Step 1, select Folder Location to see the thumbnails organized according to the folders in which they are stored on your computer. Reduce the size of the thumbnails again so that you can see all the images. The divider bars between the groups now display a folder icon rather than the film canister.
  3. Repeat the same steps you performed in Step 3. This time, the three frames in the timeline represent the three source folders.
  4. As you click the different frames in the timeline the corresponding source folder is highlighted in the folder hierarchy displayed to the left of the Photo Browser.

Using the Date View

The Date View can be a great way to organize and access your images, particularly if you are working with a collection of photos that span a number of years.

  1. Click the Display button (displaybutton.jpg) near the upper right corner of the Organizer window, and then choose Date View from the menu.
  2. Select the Year option under the calendar display. Use the right and left arrows on either side of the year heading at the top of the calendar to go to 2008, if it is not already selected.
  3. Select May 4, 2008 on the calendar. A thumbnail preview of the first photograph taken on May 4, 2008 appears at the right of the Organizer window.
  4. Use the Next Item On Selected Day button (selected_day_button.jpg) under the thumbnail image on the right side of the Organizer window to see the other photographs taken on the same day.

You can view all the photos taken on the same day as a slide show by clicking the Start Automatic Sequencing button (automatic_seq_button.jpg) under the preview.

  1. Under the preview thumbnail, click the Find this photo in the Photo Browser button (browser_botton.jpg) to switch to the Photo Browser with the current photo highlighted.
  2. In the Photo Browser, click the Back To Previous View button (previous_view_button.jpg) near the upper left corner of the Organizer window to return to the Date View.
  3. Select the Month option below the calendar view.
  4. Click the word May at the top of the calendar, and then choose March from the months menu. If you wished to move one month at a time, you could simply click the Previous Month button twice.
  5. The March page opens with the 26th already selected, as that is the first date for which there are photos in your Lesson2 catalog. Click in the Daily Note box at the bottom right of the Organizer window and type A grand day out to add a note to the selected date. An icon appears on the thumbnail for March 26th indicating that there is a note attached.

Now you know how to access photos via the calendar you’ll be able to return and use the Date view whenever you wish, but for the remainder of this lesson you’ll work with the Photo Browser view. Choose Photo Browser from the Display menu.

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