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Lessons in DSLR Workflow: Photoshop Preferences and Color Settings

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To ensure smooth sailing, you need to visit Photoshop’s Preferences and Color Settings.
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Photoshop Preferences and Color Settings

To make Photoshop files completely compatible with this workflow, you need to visit Photoshop’s Preferences and Color Settings to ensure smooth sailing. Launch Adobe Photoshop CS3 and Choose Photoshop Preferences (Mac) or Edit > Preferences (Windows) (FIGURE 12.1).

In Photoshop CS3’s Preferences dialog select File Handling and go to the File Compatibility segment. From the Maximize PSD and PSB File Compatibility pull-down menu, choose Always. Click OK to close the dialog with the new settings to maximize compatibility (FIGURE 12.2).

One more bit of housekeeping is required. In Adobe Photoshop CS3, click Edit > Color Settings (FIGURE 12.3).

In the Color Settings dialog that appears, in the Working Spaces segment, choose ProPhoto RGB as your RGB choice (FIGURE 12.4). As I mentioned earlier, ProPhoto RGB is the native working space of Lightroom; it’s best to have the two programs on the same page when dealing with Raw files. Doing so eliminates most color mismatch warnings when working between the two applications. Now Photoshop and Lightroom are in sync for Raw processing files.

Working in Lightroom you can access Photoshop as the external editing application in three ways:

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