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Adding and Removing Keyframes in the Graph Editor

You can add keyframes to and remove keyframes from a property graph as you would a motion or mask path. Even so, it’s worth reviewing the techniques in the context of keyframing properties in the Graph Editor. Don’t forget that you can still add and remove keyframes using the methods you learned in Chapter 7, “Properties and Keyframes.”

To add or remove keyframes in the graph:

  1. Do either of the following:
    • In the Tools panel, select the Pen tool (Figure 9.56).
    • With the Selection tool selected, press Command (Ctrl).
  2. Figure 9.56 In the Tools panel, choose the Pen tool (shown here) or press Command (Ctrl) with the Selection tool.

  3. In the Graph Editor, do any of the following:
    • To add a keyframe, position the Pen tool over the line in a graph so that the Pen tool appears as an Add Vertex icon (Figure 9.57) and then click.
    • Figure 9.57 The Pen tool becomes the Add Vertex tool.

      A keyframe is added on the graph where you click (Figure 9.58).

      Figure 9.58 Click the value graph to create a new keyframe.

    • To remove a keyframe, position the Pen tool over a keyframe in a graph so that the Pen tool appears as a Delete Vertex icon and then click (Figure 9.59).
    • Figure 9.59 Position the Pen tool over a keyframe so that the tool becomes a Delete Vertex icon, and then click...

      The keyframe is removed and the line (interpolation) reshapes accordingly (Figure 9.60).

      Figure 9.60 remove the keyframe. The graph adjusts accordingly.

  4. Make sure to choose the Selection tool when you’re finished.
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