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Setting a Keyframe’s Temporal Interpolation Type

The Graph Editor includes buttons that apply hold, linear, or auto Bézier interpolation to selected keyframes.

If the automatic method doesn’t yield the result you want, you can adjust the interpolation manually or apply a keyframe assistant to achieve other common effects. See the sections, “Adjusting Temporal Interpolation Manually,” and “Applying Keyframe Assistants,” later in this chapter.

To set a keyframe’s interpolation using a button:

  1. In the Graph Editor, select the keyframes you want to adjust.
  2. At the bottom of the Graph Editor, click the button that corresponds with the type of temporal interpolation you want the keyframe to use (Figure 9.65):
    • Hold
    • Linear
    • Auto-Bézier

    The selected keyframes use the interpolation method you specify (Figure 9.66).

    Figure 9.65 Select a keyframe, and select the button that corresponds with the interpolation type you want to use. Here, a keyframe that uses linear interpolation...

    Figure 9.66 converted to one that uses hold interpolation.

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