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Using the Graph Editor: An Overview

By taking over the area under the timeline’s time ruler, the Graph Editor affords a detailed view of property changes and a spacious area in which to edit them (Figures 9.33 and 9.34). The number of options reflects the Graph Editor’s flexibility but may also make the process seem more complex than it really is. The following task provides an overview.

Figure 9.33 In the typical view of the timeline, you can see expanded properties’ keyframe icons but no graphical representation of interpolated values.

Figure 9.34 The Graph Editor depicts any combination of properties as graphs in a spacious and detailed view under the time ruler.

Later sections cover each aspect of the process in greater detail. First, you’ll learn how to adjust the timing and values of keyframes using the Graph Editor instead of the methods you learned in Chapter 7, “Properties and Keyframes.” Then, you’ll move on to using the graphs to adjust interpolation (the values between keyframes).

To adjust properties in the Graph Editor:

  1. In the Timeline panel, click the Graph Editor button (Figure 9.35).
  2. Figure 9.35 Click the Graph Editor button.

  3. Specify which properties are visible by choosing an option in the Show Properties menu (Figure 9.36).
  4. Figure 9.36 Specify the visible properties in the Show Properties pop-up menu.

  5. Specify the graph types you want to edit for the visible properties in the Graph Type and Options menu.
  6. Specify the other information you want to view by selecting the appropriate option in the Graph Type and Options menu (Figure 9.37).
  7. Optional information includes layer In and Out point icons, layer markers, and so on.

    Figure 9.37 Specify the graph type you want to edit and other options.

  8. Edit the visible property graphs (Figure 9.38).
  9. You can select, move, add, and delete property keyframes; you can also adjust their interpolation types using either manual or automatic methods.

    Figure 9.38 Edit a property graph by dragging its keyframe and ease handles or by using an automated method (the keyframe assistant).

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