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Viewing Optional Information in the Graph Editor

The Graph Editor not only lets you select which property and type of graph you want to view, but it also lets you reveal other helpful information, such as audio waveforms, In point and Out point icons, markers, tool tips, and expressions (Figure 9.49).

Figure 9.49 The Graph Editor can display optional information. Hovering the mouse pointer over a graph reveals a tool tip, which in this case shows the property value’s speed at that point.

Other options help you hone in on the graph you want to work with and scale the graph when adjustments make it exceed the available space.

To specify Graph Editor options:

  • In the Graph Editor, click the Graph Type and Options button to access the pop-up menu, and then choose any of the following options (Figure 9.50):
    • Show Audio Waveforms—When you’re viewing an audio layer’s Audio Levels property, this option displays a waveform, or graphical representation of audio power.
    • Show Layer In/Out Points—This option shows In point and Out point icons for the layer containing properties visible in the Graph Editor.
    • Show Layer Markers—This option shows marker icons for the layer containing properties visible in the Graph Editor.
    • Show Graph Tool Tips—This option displays a tool tip containing the current speed or value at the point where you position the mouse pointer over a graph.
    • Show Expression Editor—This option shows an area to add and edit an expression, or script-based formula for determining the property’s value (see Chapter 16, “Complex Projects,” for more about expressions).
    • Allow Keyframes Between Frames—Permits you to set keyframes between timebase divisions, which can be especially useful when you’re synchronizing keyframes with audio.

The Graph Editor activates the options you specify.

Figure 9.50 Select the options you want in the Graph Editor’s Graph Type and Options pop-up menu.

To scale the graph automatically:

  • In the Graph Editor, select any of the following options:
    • Auto-zoom Graph Height
    • Fit Selection to View
    • Fit All Graphs to View

    The view adjusts according to your selection.

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