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QuarkXPress lets you view layouts at anywhere from 10% to 800% of their actual size—so you can, for example, zoom out to get a quick overview of an entire publication or zoom in to carefully position a single letter or box. Since you change the view scale often as you work, QuarkXPress provides a variety of convenient methods for changing the view. In addition, you can view imported pictures at their full resolution to see all the details.

Changing the view scale

You can change the view scale by using the Zoom tool, choosing commands in the View menu, and entering a value in the View Percent field on the project window. If you have a split window, you can view the same layout at different view percentages, allowing you to see the effect of detailed changes on an entire layout.

  • Zoom tool: Use the Zoom tool at the bottom of the Tools palette to increase the layout view scale; press Option (Mac) or Alt (Windows) to decrease the view scale. You can click the Zoom tool to change the view in standard increments or you can click and drag to view a specific area of a layout. Press V (when you’re not using the Text Content tool) to select the Zoom tool. You can also press Control+Shift (Mac) or Control+spacebar (Windows) for temporary access to the Zoom tool.
  • Keyboard commands: Press Command (Mac) or Control (Windows) along with the plus (+) or minus (-) sign on the keyboard to change the view in standard increments. When using the Text Content tool, press Escape first.
  • View menu: Choose an option from the View menu to change the view scale: Fit in Window, 50%, 75%, Actual Size, 200%, and Thumbnails. You are likely to use Fit in Window and Actual Size (100%) often enough that you should remember those shortcuts: Command+zero (Mac) or Control+zero (Windows) for Fit in Window; change the zero to 1 for 100%. Thumbnails view (around 10%) lets you move pages within a layout and drag pages among projects.
  • Enter a percent value. Enter a specific value in the View Percent field in the lower-left corner of the project window . You can quickly jump to this field by pressing Control+V (Mac) or Control+Alt+V (Windows), entering a value, and pressing Return/Enter. Enter “t” for Thumbnails view.

Viewing full-resolution previews

If the files for imported pictures are available on your computer, you can enable full-resolution previews for individual pictures. Full-resolution picture previews are smooth (not pixelated) and give you a better idea of how the final output will look. To enable a full-resolution preview, select the picture and choose Item > Preview Resolution > Full Resolution. To enable and disable the display of full-resolution previews for those pictures, choose View > Full Res Previews.

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