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Adding a footnote

With InDesign, you can create footnotes or import them from text imported as a Microsoft Word document or as a rich-text format (RTF) file. In the latter case, InDesign automatically creates and places the footnotes, which you can then fine-tune in the Document Footnote Options dialog box. If you’re working with a book file, you can specify whether footnote numbering restarts with each document or continues from document to document.

In this exercise, you will add a footnote and customize its formatting.

  1. With the 12_01_ID_HowTos_GettingStarted chapter open, choose page 11 from the page menu in the lower left of the document window.
  2. Zoom as necessary to see the main body paragraph, starting with “To reduce the size.”
  3. Using the Type tool (typetool.jpg), select the second to last sentence in the paragraph, starting with “For example.”
  4. Choose Edit > Cut. This text will be used in a footnote rather than in the body of the text.
  5. Position the text insertion point just after “hide.”
  6. Choose Type > Insert Footnote.

    A footnote reference number appears in the text. In addition, a footnote text frame and placeholder appear at the bottom of the page, along with the blinking text insertion point to the right of the footnote number.

  7. Choose Edit > Paste.
  8. Choose Type > Document Footnote Options.

    Notice all the options for customizing the footnote numbering and formatting. Here you can control the numbering style and appearance of the footnote reference numbers and footnote text throughout a document.

  9. In the Footnote Options dialog box under Footnote Formatting, choose Tip/Note Text from the Paragraph Style menu. Click Preview to see the change to the footnote text formatting.
  10. Click the Layout tab to view all the options for customizing the placement and formatting of footnotes throughout a document. Leave all settings at the defaults.
  11. Click OK to format the footnote.
  12. Choose File > Save. Leave the chapter open for the next part of the lesson.
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