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Synchronizing a book

To maintain consistency across the documents in a book file, InDesign allows you to specify a source document for specifications such as paragraph styles, color swatches, object styles, text variables, and master pages. You can then synchronize selected documents with the source document.

In this exercise, you will add a color swatch to a chapter, use the new color in a paragraph style, and then synchronize the book so that the color is used consistently.

  1. With 12_01_ID_HowTos_GettingStarted open, choose View > Fit Page in Window. It does not matter which page is displayed.
  2. Choose Window > Swatches to open the Swatches panel.
  3. Choose New Color Swatch from the Swatches panel menu.
  4. From the Color Mode menu, choose Pantone Process Coated.
  5. Type 73-1C in the Pantone DS box (or scroll to locate and select the color).
  6. Click OK to add the color and close the New Color Swatch dialog box.
  7. Choose Type > Paragraph Styles to open the Paragraph Styles panel. Click the pasteboard to make sure nothing is selected.
  8. Double-click Head 1 to edit the style. From the categories on the left side of the Paragraph Style Options dialog box, select Character Color.
  9. To the right under Character Color, click the new PANTONE DS 73-1 C swatch. Leave the Tint set at 70%.
  10. Click OK to update the paragraph style.
  11. Choose File > Save to save the change with the document.
  12. You now need to specify that the current chapter, Getting Started, is the source document in the book.

  13. In the Book panel to the left of the 12_01_ID_HowTos_GettingStarted chapter name, click in the blank box.
  14. Choose Synchronize Options from the Book panel menu. Review the options available in the Synchronize Options dialog box; then click Cancel.
  15. Now you will select the chapters you want to synchronize—in this case, all of them.

  16. Shift-click the first chapter and last chapter in the Book panel to select all the chapters in the book.
  17. You can choose to synchronize only selected chapters—for example, you can omit selecting the cover if the book has a cover that you don’t want to change.

  18. Choose Synchronize Book from the Book panel menu.
  19. At the alert indicating the process has completed, click OK.
  20. Choose Save Book from the Book panel menu. Double-click another chapter to open it. Notice the new swatches in the Swatches panel; this color is now applied to text that is formatted with the Head 1 style.

You will notice that the subheads changed color as well. That’s because, in the template for this book, Head 2 is based on Head 1, so it adopts any changes made to the common formatting in Head 1.

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