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Like this article? We recommend

Exploring on your own

To experiment more with long-document features, try the following:

  • Add and delete pages from one of the documents in a book file to see how the page numbers in the Book panel automatically update.
  • Change an object on a master page in the source document. Then choose Synchronize Options from the Book panel menu and check Master Pages in the Synchronize Options dialog box. Synchronize the book to see how all pages based on that master page update.
  • Add a new footnote and experiment with the layout and formatting controls.
  • Create different cross-references in the book to reference a chapter name or section name rather than page number.
  • Generate a list other than a table of contents. For example, you can compile a list of tips in the book from the text formatted with the Sidebar Head paragraph style.
  • Add more index topics and references at various levels.
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