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This chapter is from the book

This chapter is from the book


Key points in this chapter:

  • Informational queries are important to website owners because they are the most common type of search engine query. Satisfying informational searches is crucial for a site's long-term search engine visibility.
  • Many web search sessions begin with an informational query and end with a transaction.
  • All websites should contain informational pages. They provide specific content of user interest.
  • Some types of informational pages include category pages, channel pages, FAQs or customer service pages, and pages that contain topical lists of resources (such as Links, Resources, and Tips sections).
  • Field studies and exploratory usability tests often reveal searchers' informational goals above and beyond what can be inferred from web analytics data and keyword research tools.
  • Longer keyword phrases (more than three words) tend to be informational queries; shorter ones tend to be navigational queries.
  • If question words (how, what, where, why, who, when) are part of a keyword phrase, then the keyword phrase is an informational query.
  • The plural form of a word can be a strong indication that searchers desire to view a list of products. Many category and channel pages should be optimized for the plural form of a targeted keyword.
  • The appearance of Wikipedia and other how-to listings in search results is a strong indication that the query words show informational intent by the users.
  • The description or snippet is more important than the URL structure for informational searches. Keep the meta-tag description longer (around 200 to 250 characters) for pages that typically satisfy searchers informational intent.
  • Do not use the same meta-tag description on every page of a site. Tailor meta-tag descriptions to reflect actual page content.
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