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Warping The Text

In this project, we will warp the text in different stages to prepare it for animation in ImageReady. The effect will be that of a rubber band stretching and then letting go with a snap.

  1. Create a new file that is 500x200 pixels and fill the background with black.

  2. Figure 11.1 Create a new file that's 500x200 pixels.

  3. Select the Text tool and a large sans-serif font. Type in your message, centered in the screen, and allow for plenty of room on all sides to warp the text.

  4. Figure 11.2 Select a large font and type in a word, and select a Warp Text tool from the Text bar.

    (48-point Arial Black was used in this project.)

  5. Click the Create Warped Text icon and set the Style to Bulge and the Bend amount to 50%.

    To create the desired animation, several sequences need to be created on separate layers. This first image will be the extreme outward distortion of the animation sequence, so only change the amount of Bend (not the Horizontal or Vertical Distortion modes).

  6. Figure 11.3 Adjust the amount of distortion for a frame of animation.

  7. Select "Rubber Band" from the Custom Layer Styles library.

  8. Figure 11.4 Apply the Rubber Band Style from the Custom Layer Styles library.


    The Custom Layer Styles library can be found on the accompanying CD-ROM or can be downloaded from the Photoshop 6 Web Magic Web site at

  9. Duplicate the text layer, select the text on the new layer, and with the Warp Text tool, set the Bend to +30%.

  10. Figure 11.5 Set the next step of distortion for the animation sequence.

    This will be the next step of distortion in the animation sequence.

  11. Repeat Step 6 but set the Bend to +10%.

    This will be another step in the sequence.

  12. Figure 11.6 Repeat Step 6 and change the settings.

  13. Repeat Step 7 but set Warp Text to None.

  14. Figure 11.7 Repeat Step 7 and set Warp Text to None.

  15. Duplicate the layer in Step 7 and set the Bend amount to –10%.

  16. Repeat Step 7 one more time and set the Bend amount to –30%.

  17. Figure 11.8 Duplicate the layer in Step 7 and apply the Warp Text tool. (Rinse and repeat.)

  18. Duplicate the -10% distorted layer and select Motion Blur. When prompted to Rasterize the duplicated text layer, click Yes.

  19. Set the Motion Blur with an Angle of 90° and a Distance of 30 pixels.

    This creates an effect of vertical vibration, which will be layered with other layers (frames) when creating the animation in ImageReady.

  20. Figure 11.9 Set the Motion Blur filter to create a motion effect.

  21. Duplicate the +30% distorted text layer and repeat Step 12.

  22. Figure 11.10 Apply Motion Blur to a duplicated +30% distorted text layer.

By now you've created a few layers or frames that are necessary for the following animation sequence in ImageReady.

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