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Flying Solo: Preparing the Project

By now you should be fairly confident when it comes to setting up a project using Premiere Elements, so Fly Solo to complete the basic tasks you need to begin this project. If you need more help, refer to the “Preparing the Project” sections in Chapters 1 and 2.

Basic Timeline Preparation Skills

  • red-circle-1.jpg Create a new project called Chapter 4_Clone_Attack_Title (Hint: File > New > Project).
  • red-circle-2.jpg Set the Timeline to Timeline View (Hint: Timeline button to the left of the interface).
  • red-circle-3.jpg Deselect the audio tracks for Video 2 and 3 (Hint: Deselect Show Audio Tracks).
  • red-circle-4.jpg Rename (Hint: Right-click the header) and change each track to the following:
    • Video 1: Background
    • Video 2: Start Title
    • Video 3: Logo
  • red-circle-5.jpg Import the starfield.jpg and 244325_OpeningCreditsWilliams.wav media clips from the DVD (Hint: Media Downloader; Show Audio; UnCheck All).
  • red-circle-6.jpg Add the starfield.jpg to the Background track. Make sure the head of the image is the start of the Timeline (Hint: Switch to Edit workspace; drag).
  • red-circle-7.jpg Zoom the Timeline in a few clicks (Hint: click the plus sign next to the zoom slider).
  • red-circle-8.jpg When your Timeline and Media panel look similar to the screenshots opposite, press Ctrl-S to save your work so far, then proceed to the next section.
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