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Animating Your Logo

Now that you’ve created your own version of the Star Wars logo, you need to animate it to give it that cinematic touch. In the Star Wars movies, the logo waits on the screen for just a second as the music begins to swell. Once the audience is fully engaged, the logo drifts out of the way into outer space to let the scrolling text tell the story. In this section, you’ll learn how to animate the logo using keyframes in the motion control settings. For this task, you apply keyframes and then make small adjustments to them to get the effect you need.

Make Your Logo Zoom Off into Space

  • red-circle-1.jpg Select the Clone Attack logo in the Logo track on the Timeline.
  • red-circle-2.jpg Press Page Up or Page Down as needed to move the CTI to the head (start) of the clip.
  • red-circle-3.jpg Click the Properties button to see the Properties view for the Clone Attack title clip.
  • red-circle-4.jpg Click the Show Keyframes button to reveal the workspace for adding keyframes, as shown in the screenshot.
  • red-circle-5.jpg In Properties view, click the triangle next to Motion to reveal the effect’s controls.
  • red-circle-6.jpg Set the Scale to 125.0.
  • red-circle-7.jpg Click the Toggle Animation button (shown in the screenshot opposite) to turn on the animation functionality of Premiere Elements.
  • red-circle-8.jpg Move the CTI to the end of the clip by pressing Page Down on your keyboard.
  • red-circle-9.jpg Set the Scale to 0.0.
  • red-circle-10.jpg You now have a logo that starts at 125 percent and fades away to nothing. However, you really want the Clone Attack logo to pause on screen at 125 percent to fully engage the audience for a few seconds, so move the CTI back to 00;00;08;00.
  • red-circle-11.jpg Set the Scale to 125.0.
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