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Transforming the Shape of the Scrolling Text

Now that you have created the text, it is scrolling through space and time, and it looks the way you want, you now need to create the appropriate shape of the text block. The Star Wars “look” is for the text to start off close to the bottom of the screen and to gradually fade into space, becoming progressively smaller (and harder to read). You make this happen using the Basic 3D video effect to transform the text into the right shape and to make it appear on the right plane.

Change the Perspective

  • red-circle-1.jpg If you haven’t already done so, click anywhere in a blank area of the Timeline to exit the Titler and then switch to the Edit workspace if that is not already displayed.
  • red-circle-2.jpg Click the Effects button to view the Effects panel.
  • red-circle-3.jpg In the Effects panel text field, type basic to bring up the Basic 3D video effect.
  • red-circle-4.jpg Select the Basic 3D effect from the Perspective Video Effects and drop it onto the Scrolling Text title clip on the Scrolling Title track.
  • red-circle-5.jpg Open the Properties view for the title by clicking the Properties button (next to the Zoom Controls), and then click the triangle next to the Basic 3D control to view the effect’s controls.
  • red-circle-6.jpg Adjust the Tilt and Distance settings (all settings are negative):
    • Swivel: -1
    • Tilt: -65
    • Distance to Image: -30
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