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Like this article? We recommend

Hot Feature: Visual History Search

Cover Flow is a visually interesting option for selecting bookmarks to visit, but its real utility becomes apparent when reviewing History pages. Suppose you were recently hunting for information on a medical condition or shopping online for a new wireless modem. If you visited only a few pages, the text-only History in Safari 3 would have been sufficient to help you find the correct page. But if you visited dozens of sites or multiple pages within a single site, finding the specific page could be a tedious, time-consuming exercise. The Cover Flow thumbnails in Safari 4 make it simpler to find a particular page—without having to visit a dozen links that might be the right one.

In addition to visually skimming through Safari's entire recent history, you can filter the History list by searching for page titles or text that contain a particular text string. To conduct a History search, you can do either of the following:

  • Enter a search term in the box at the bottom of the Top Sites page.
  • Click the Show All Bookmarks icon, choose History in the Collections pane, and enter a search term in the box at the top of the Cover Flow pane.

Navigate through the resulting pages as described in the previous section. When the desired page is found (see Figure 4), click its thumbnail to revisit the page.

Figure 4

Figure 4 Cover Flow simplifies the process of finding a particular page in History.

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