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Step 7: Duplicating the Muzzle Flash

In this final part of creating a cool-looking muzzle flash, you'll duplicate the color matte, change its color to white, and then increase the blurriness of the duplicated clip. This action will create a muzzle flash with a white core and a yellow fringe, indicating changing levels of heat and intensity.

  1. If it's not already displayed, click the Edit tab to display the Edit Workspace, and then click the Project button to display the Media view.
  2. In the Media view, right-click the Color Matte clip and select Duplicate from the contextual menu (see Figure 35).
  3. In the Media view, double-click the newly created Color Matte Copy clip to bring up the Color Picker box. Drag the color circle down to the lower-left corner to select White (see Figure 36). Click OK to accept this change.
  4. Hold down the Ctrl key (to avoid accidentally moving any of the other Timeline clips) and then drag-and-drop the Color Matte Copy clip from the Media panel to directly above the Color Matte clip on the Muzzle_Flash track. When you release the clip, Premiere Elements will automatically create a track—Video 4—for this clip (see Figure 37).
  5. Move the CTI to the tail of the (yellow) Color Matte, and then click the (white) Color Matte clip on the Timeline to select it. With this clip selected, click the Split Clip button or press Ctrl-K to cut the clip in two parts (see Figure 38).
  6. With the (white) Color Matte Copy clip split into two, click the right-hand (longer) section and press Delete to remove that section from the Timeline.
  7. Click the (yellow) Color Matte clip on the Muzzle_Flash track, and then click the Properties button to open the Properties view.
  8. In the Properties view, click the Gaussian Blur text. Hold down the Ctrl key and click the Eight-Point Garbage Matte text to highlight both text areas at the same time (see Figure 39).
  9. Right-click either text area and select Copy from the contextual menu (see Figure 40).
  10. Click the (white) Color Matte Copy clip on the Video 4 track. The Properties view should change from the Color Matte to the Color Matte Copy. Right-click anywhere inside the empty area and select Paste from the contextual menu (see Figure 41).
  11. The Eight-Point Garbage Matte settings and the Gaussian Blur settings should now have been copied across to the (white) Color Matte Copy clip, creating an inner white core. This effect can be enhanced slightly by increasing the Gaussian Blur to around 70 for the Color Matte Copy (see Figure 42).
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