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Creating an Enchanted Object with Premiere Elements 7

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Science fiction and fantasy shows often feature objects frozen in midair, using the power of 'the Force' or other magical abilities. Have you ever wondered how to create this effect? Paul Ekert, author of Creating Hollywood-Style Movies with Adobe Premiere Elements 7, steps through the process of creating the illusion of an 'enchanted object.'
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What Is an Enchanted Object?

For the sake of this article, an enchanted object is one that you can "freeze" in midair, using a combination of a well-filmed scene and some effects trickery in Premiere Elements 7. You've probably seen this sort of effect used in fantasy shows such as Sabrina the Teenage Witch and Charmed, where a thrown object is frozen in midair for a few seconds before continuing its flight.

In this short article, you'll see just how easy it is to create "enchanted objects" with Premiere Elements 7. Once you've mastered the effect, no doubt you'll figure out many ways to apply it to various scenarios. I'll show you how to use the Freeze Frame function and the Crop effect to manipulate what the audience thinks it's seeing. You'll also dabble with the Duplication function and the Preview box to alter the In-point of a clip and complete the illusion.

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