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Search Engine Advertising: Your Marketing Campaign Foundation

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The authors of Search Engine Advertising show you how to build a strong marketing plan and campaign foundation using a live campaign to illustrate both the strategic and tactical elements of a search marketing campaign.
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You can’t build a great pay-per-click marketing campaign without a strong overall marketing plan and campaign foundation. If you have a business plan, you’ve probably already outlined your marketing foundation: mission statement, target market, unique selling points, and call to action. If you haven’t, take just 15 minutes, or several weeks for a more comprehensive marketing plan, to discuss the following sections with your team.

To provide you with a consistent reference point, I’ll be using a live campaign to illustrate both the strategic and tactical elements of a search marketing campaign. The venture I’ll be using is, a venture my business partner and I co-founded as a way to give back to the nonprofit community. Although is a for-profit venture, it serves the nonprofit community at no cost to its members. You’ll learn a bit more about We-Care through illustrations and examples.

Mission Statement

Your overall marketing mission statement is often derived from your company mission statement, or it might be exactly the same. What’s the “30-second elevator speech” you’d tell someone who asked what your company does? Include the main benefit to your customers as well as a description of your product or service.

For example, “Company A saves medical clinics millions of dollars by providing access to a centralized patient database.” Or, “Company B designs flower arrangements at wholesale rates for weddings and special events.” Remember, every person who reads or hears your mission statement is a potential customer, referral source, or partner. Keep your message short. Include the chief benefit your company provides that will encourage potential customers to ask for more information.

Here’s a sample mission statement for

  • “ is dedicated to empowering nonprofit causes to harness the purchasing power of their supporters to deliver millions of dollars of no-cost donation revenue through the application of technology and marketing.”
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