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This chapter is from the book

This chapter is from the book

Adding DVD-ROM Content

One of the reasons why the DVD format is so versatile is that it can accommodate not only video, sound, and pictures, but also any disk files that you may want to distribute.

Here’s the scoop on this aspect of DVD authoring, along with a peek under the hood to see how MPEG-2 compression manages to squeeze up to two hours of video onto a 4.7GB DVD.

The DVD-ROM Zone

A DVD can hold more than video and slide shows; it can also hold “computer files”—Microsoft Word documents, PDF files, JPEG images, and so on. You might take advantage of this to distribute files that are related to your DVD’s content.

If you’ve created an in-house training DVD for new employees, you might want to include a PDF of the employee handbook. If you’ve created a DVD containing a couple of rough edits of a TV commercial, you might also include some PDFs that show the print versions of your ad campaign. If you’ve created a DVD promoting your band, you might include some audio files of your tunes.

When a DVD-Video disc also contains files intended to be used by a computer, it’s said to have a DVD-ROM portion. If users play the DVD in a living-room DVD player, those files are invisible. However, if they use that same DVD with a personal computer, they can access the files.

Including Photos

As described on page 262, when creating DVDs containing slide shows, you can have iDVD copy the original images to the DVD-ROM portion. In the slide show editor, click Settings, then check the box labeled Add Image Files to DVD-ROM.

This option is ideal for photographers who want to distribute high-resolution versions of their images along with slide shows. You might also find it a useful way to back up a set of digital photos. The slide shows serve as a handy way of viewing the images, while the original, high-resolution files are archived in the DVD-ROM portion of the disc.

Including Other Content

To add other types of files to your DVD, choose Edit DVD-ROM Contents from the Advanced menu. Use the DVD-ROM Contents window to manage and organize the contents of the DVD-ROM folder.

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